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Dad: Nov 1942 – May 2010

by Woodrow Walden

dad – 1963, originally uploaded by Woodrow Walden.

Dear Dad,

How do I say the many things that I never had a chance to say.

I know that we didn’t always see eye to eye, but you always had sage advice when asked and sometimes even when I didn’t ask. 😉 You offered help in other ways when needed and I have always been grateful for that even if I may not have shown it enough.

You opened our eyes to many things, cultures, opinions and thoughts. You always laughed at my lame jokes and silliness between Matt and I and I’m glad that we could bring a smile to your face, even during the end.

You weren’t always nearby, but we never held that against you. It always gave us the opportunity to visit you in far off lands and see and experience things that we would probably never have had the chance to if you had been closer.

I brought Sam in to see you at the hospital. You were sleeping at that point, but he said hello and touched your hand. We weren’t able to stay long, but on the way out, he waved, blew you a kiss and said goodbye. I’m glad you got a chance to meet your grandson and spend time with him, even though I know it was never enough and for that I am sorry. I want you to know that your memory will live on with him, through the many photos and funny stories that we have from over the years.

I am so sad right now, but I know that it will fade with time. That sadness is tempered though, by the fact that I know that you aren’t suffering any longer and that you are at peace.

I miss you and the time that we did spend together, usually on a Sunday morning over breakfast at The Marche or The Hot House Cafe, talking, laughing and enjoying the moments.

Love you Dad

Rest In Peace

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